about Money Mentoring

What is money mentoring?

Money mentoring is like having life coach, but for your finances!  Money mentoring is also called financial coaching, financial counseling, and involves financial education. 

Your mentor draws on personal financial knowledge to educate, motivate, guide, and support you in your journey to becoming the money manager you want to be. You and your mentor develop a financial plan with actionable steps to improve your financial situation. The end goal is always to make you confident and proud of your skills in managing your own money

what is it like to be mentored?

A money mentor listens and discusses your habits, beliefs, feelings, and knowledge about personal finance. She helps you review your current financial situation and assists you in identifying your money goals. With your mentor's help, you create a realistic, actionable plan that is tailored just for you. It's a bit of learning, a lot of discussion, and tons of support!

Earmarks Money Mentoring offers many levels of mentorship, including one-time financial plan discussions, monthly check-ups, and weekly sessions scheduled for several months. Some people prefer to do the mentoring asynchronously, through email communications and journaling, so that they can get their thoughts in order. No matter your communication preference, you can reach your mentor by phone, text, or email, or arrange for an in-person meeting or video call.

can I benefit from a mentorship?

Does at least one of these situations fit you?

CAN I just learn all this stuff for free?

Oh, yes! The internet and your local library hold a wealth of resources available for learning facts and approaches to money management. These are great for people who have the time and motivation to do their research and implement these techniques in their lives. If that is you, great! 

But access to these resources has not made good money management very widespread

Let's dive into why that is:

isn't this expensive?

Your financial goals are worth the investment. More importantly, YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT.

And we are not just talking about the monetary investment here. Making significant improvements to your money management skills is a big project. It can involve developing new frameworks of thinking, learning details about financial systems like credit and retirement, getting your partner on board, and building habits that can serve you for the rest of your life. This time, money, and work are investments in YOURSELF

A mentor helps make each one of these investments efficient. Instead of spending extra time figuring things out for yourself, you get to focus on what works for you. Rather than spending money on things that do not matter to you, you get to take opportunities to make your money go out and earn money for you. And all of this work is done with the help of an expert who cares, focusing your energy to actually follow through with your intentions. 

These investments pay back in a better financial future, but more immediately, they pay you in knowledge, confidence, peace of mind, and skills that you can pass on to others

The benefits and costs of mentorship vary based on your goals and disposition. Book a FREE meet-up with a money mentor to get the exact cost of a program tailored to you. Or fill out the Money Mindset form to get FREE personal feedback from Mara!

What's mara like?

Mara is a money nerd who loves talking about budgeting, saving, investing, retirement funds, HSAs, and lots of other topics related to personal finances like developing a healthy mindset, creating good habits, and rocking Microsoft Excel. She has lots of experience teaching, all of it to properly adult humans. Her students have described her as knowledgeable, welcoming, supportive, and patient. She is also known being at once analytical and playful, making complex ideas hit home with humor and silly analogies. She likes dad puns, board games, cats, D&D, crochet, Star Trek, and lots of other stuff that finds an outlet at GenCon every year. Oh, and Taco Bell.